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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 08:33
All the "Hope and Change" is now on Barry HUSSEIN Obama's narrow shoulders, and the whole world sees his inability and UNwillingness to handle a REAL CRISIS while taking his disjointed family on the Official Latin America tour.

Barry HUSSEIN's Chicago buddy now Mayor Rahmbo has since abandoned his incapable butt, once sat behind him and spoke those ill fated words into his bullied ears... "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Soros and his $$$$ didn't PAN out either, like I mentioned October 28, 2010, "Soros is throwing his money out there fast and furiously... due to his panic of losing control. He doesn't realize this, but old man George Soros isn't in control of anything."  James O'Keefe substantiated my point when his scheme busted NPR, after ACORN. Note all the foolish people connected to Barry HUSSEIN Obama, the dispensable PAWN.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama's young, youthful men in their late 20's and 30's... namely Jon Favreau, and Ben Rhodes to name two, can't cut the mustard when it comes to REAL LIFE... the world, war, tyrants in place for 30 - 40 years, bombs, explosions, worthless so-called leadership that aspiring fictional writers or wanna be's, and speech writing had not a thing to do with "Hope" OR "Change".... OR as the upper class say their 'epiphany' (be sure to extend your jaw when you say it.) - eee-pi-PHONY. Got it....???


They want to rule this world.... PHONY people who have a need to be somebody because deep within they are NOBODY. Phony people are a figment of their own imaginations, and look at what WE the People are stuck with, perhaps very wealthy individuals that "feel" powerful, (money does not = power ~ money = a medium of exchange like bartering), maybe intelligent to some degree, self absorbed, but have little to NO common sense and see life through a keyhole.

Have you ever heard the saying... Don't take a "crap" on your way up the ladder, because you never know... one day you may have to come back down. Great segue.....

Back to Barry HUSSEIN Obama.... hypocrisy doesn't describe him, nor do all the psychological disorders everyone has slapped on his twisted mind... in and out of the 'profession' of which I am educated and knowledgeable. This is about something entirely inapplicable to his mental disorders. He said it himself. He can't handle the scrutiny. So, let the scrutiny commence, it goes with the territory. The JOB he can't do or handle.

Hillary or is it Billary... WHO wears the pants...??? It's ALL political incest as I've said... with Anthony Weiner (D-NY) the over reactive Jewish guy that married Hillary or Billary's Muslim, personal assistant, Huma Abedin in secrecy... prior to their own daughter's wedding. READ what Billy, the Master of Marriage toasted the newlyweds as HE of all people, UNITE men and women to be husband and wife. Sorry, only in honor of a New World Order thus far... (Sarcasm, inflection is difficult to communicate in writing.)

Had it not been held in secrecy, and found in the most obscure place it might not have been SO disturbing, and after Weiner's weenie RANT that went public to divert attention... to cover this "quaint" symbolic union/marriage.

Hillary or Billary... the one that wears the pants. She is the one doing the work and nobody can DENY her of that regardless of ones political stance at this point... because Barry, begins his workday at 9:30 am, so WHO.... answers the phone at 3 am.???? And look at her. What a raggedy mess in public. WHAT woman wants to have photos of herself looking a mess with a young personal assistant probably gone bad by marrying pompous Weiner with a big mouth?

Back to Barry HUSSEIN Obama and his NEW daddy. I guess this makes daddy #3 or is it #4... Muammar with the 'shoe polish black' or is it 'old telephone black' hair dye is calling Barry HUSSEIN Obama "our son", as he was defending his attack on the rebels, who are the citizens of Libya, fighting them to overthrow him. Muammar is violently killing the human beings he oppressed for 40+ years.

Tyranny, authoritarianism, despotism, a life as an oppressive, abusive, evil, moneygrubbing, insane, violent waste of flesh will harden one, from the inside out. The photos of this man Muammar Quack-dafi from his younger years into his later years is a rather sickening transformation or an atrophying of his skin from his stone cold heart. Anyway, he continued in his maniacal ramble to Barry HUSSEIN Obama, "... you will always remain a son. Your picture will not be changed."

Alrighty then.... have you seen Barry HUSSEIN since he was elected by a bunch of lazy, hopeful, dreamers that read something to the equivalent to good for nothing romance novels or did nothing more than watch the idiot box or movies.?????? YIKES~!!!!! His face after two years has already hardened.

Here, crazy old Muammar, whom his newly professed son Barry HUSSEIN Obama has killed or murdered Muammar's other son Khamis, because Hillary or Billary Clinton is doing her job and probably sick of this lazy, semi-clueless, fed by mentors, a PAWN... Barry living the life like "po' people that found money... movin' on up" with the daughter and mother-in-law dragging their own mismatched 'baggage' off Air Force One Helicopter..... while Barry HUSSEIN is strangely holding hands with his oldest daughter while staring into each others eyes.

AMERICA..... something is worse here than the Beverly Hillbillies.

This so-called Haaaa-verd graduate, meaning Barry HUSSEIN Obama that knows little more than exploiting the taxpayer of their taxes by playing a poor game of golf and constantly campaigning.... went on this Latin America tour with the following explanation. And, it does not take a 3rd grade student to figure out there is something direly WRONG with this "statistic" as Barry HUSSEIN called it. He stated this "statistic" on "a"... not to be confused with what he calls "his" weekly radio address to the nation. He is OUR PUBLIC SERVANT, as are ALL politicians.

He attempted to justify this trip by saying, "Every $1 billion of goods and services we export supports more than 5,000 jobs in the United States."

Continue to watch him FAIL by the words from his mouth, thus his decision, NOT to follow THE protocol of the Office he holds... to SERVE US, We the People.

Who could proudly admit to voting for him after all this....???


Kathy Pledger, MA, PNC

Managing Director/Editor, Co-founder

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