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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Monday, 03 October 2011 10:31
Super PAC, you've heard of the other PACS.... CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), MSPAC (Microsoft), KRAFTPAC (Kraft Foods), TACOPAC (Taco Political Action Committee), PfizerPAC (No brainer there, pharmaceuticals), there are eggs, chicken, down to the dreaded Direct TV... owned by none other than Fox News NYC... Rupert Murdock. The old man who can't get his life together from days gone by of sleazy tabloid garbage like O'Reilly, Geraldo, and perhaps unbeknownst to you.... the "blondes and the rare brunette", with the dumbed down, highly paid, arrogant, metro-sexual guys who are not a thing more than readers of the news on a "TELEPROMPTER".... called "news readers". Duh. They are educated and trained to do a better job at reading teleprompters than Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama. Finally, Stephen Colbert the fake newsman on Comedy Central managed to get his own Super Pac. 

It's is so difficult to tell America, "Hello... ya'll been DUPED." It isn't "Main Stream Media", I am here to tell YOU, it is the MASS Media including Reuters and Associated Press.

PACS really should stand for :





We the People... watch the debates, many of us are technically savvy enough to use the computer and use social networking to get OUR message out, right.??? But do you TALK to people...???

What about the disillusioned GREENS whom little Barbara Boxer told to "SUE" Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama. What do they really know...??? Bring them over here.

Hey, I love this earth, but we can't do everything, can we...??? We all have priorities. Grant money is now crossing the "politically incestuous" line. Barbara Boxer, showed something to the lovers of this earth, and trust me on this one (I'll show you one day soon, too), I have plenty of beautiful photos to share of this beautiful earth and sky. It's NOT nearly as bad everywhere as the "politicians" lie and mislead people or uninformed voters. Bring them over here.

Politicians are merely people with an agenda (that's an OUTLINE), of things they "think need to be done" to outright MISlead others who love this beautiful earth. Environmentalists, Greens, nature lovers, solar power, wind turbine, global warming (cow farts... called methane), which is nothing more than weather patterns, it's a FARCE, a LIE... landfills release methane. Drive by one and take a deep breath of the stench, see the burning torches to burn the methane... (It takes me back to my first column for The Daily Pledge.... about the pyroflatulence - skivvy bomber, and how we had to look at his dirty underwear.)

ALL ya'll have been duped and swindled by man and/or woman. Big, tall, fat, skinny, short, wide, black, white, taco border, Wu's Weiner,.. Kenya hear me now....??? Most politicians are corrupt. Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama is the worst mentored offender and those whispering in his big incompetent ears.

Why should or would anyone live under their guidelines.??? That's not liberal, liberated or free. That's worse than doing freakin' homework. Who EVER liked an outline.??? When was an OUTLINE ever CREATIVE, loved, beauty, or about spontaneity.??? Not once. Thank you.

Every aspect of our lives are trying to be CONTROLED enough by those CLOSEST to us... WHY succumb to the government which consists of people who are nothing but potentially whacked out control freaks who are in need of help for their mental incapabilities.??? They are in politics not psychotherapy where most obviously NEED to be.

Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama, gets behind his flimsy podium, and makes a lame proclamation... that there won't be anymore lobbyist. (He didn't write it, of course.) He's banking or betting that most Americans or illegals don't have a clue as to what he's saying because he doesn't know what he READS. AGAIN, Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama does NOT write his speeches. Young dreamers of fiction (as in NOT reality based) write his speeches.

Now, those who KNOW politics do NOT say a word... about what WE the PEOPLE are... or MANY, are about to be bombarded by on the old boob tube or idiot box. They are called COMMERCIALS. It will be next to IMPOSSIBLE to figure out which side they stand or why they attack whomever as they are SO cleverly scripted. I'm grateful I don't watch television. I read and research to EDUCATE others.

PACS... are funded by CORPORATIONS, LABOR UNIONS... You remember, Jimmy Hoffa (and he's not a Junior) behaving badly like his bad apple of a dad who has been fertilizer somewhere for his bad behavior.

Super PACS are also funded by international corporations. So, as I just wrote... Business and Politics... What's the Difference...??? I'll say it again. NOT a THING.

What I haven't seen is a Super PAC for Mr. Herman Cain, one for him personally. This explains the complacency I observe in the realm of politics of the male species when their counterparts "re-enter the social conversation" and certain unnamed can resume to their "feigned spine" of partisan belief.

Where is Mr. Herman Cain's Super PAC, America....??? Don't throw Mr. Cain under the bus, or everyone that does nothing will pay the consequence. Just like we are now. I vetted Perry and I find him worse than the Mass Media. He has a Super Pac, so does Romney. I kinda like Bachmann, and she has a Super PAC.

Where is Mr. Herman Cain's Super Pac, America.???

The Daily Pledge was established to discover the truth.

Kathy Pledger,
The PhotogPhenom
Editor & Co-founder