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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Saturday, 19 June 2010 17:20
You've heard of the "Midas Touch", right? King Midas touches everything and it turns to gold. What's the opposite of Midas? Sadim... spell it backwards. BTW ~ feel free to pronounce it however you'd like.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama has a new nickname... dubbed by US at The Daily Pledge... and its debut is today...
ta da ~ ~ Sadim HUSSEIN Obama ~ ~

Very befitting because everything that waste of a man touches is virtually DESTROYED and has an ECONOMICALLY DESTRUCTIVE ripple effect on the hard working... American Citizen, for whom Sadim HUSSEIN Obama is SUPPOSED to be working... WE the People of the United States of America.
You want to know what REALLY gets to me??? This is just me telling you... I take the time to research topics, listen to news, read information people send because they truly believe it's important, take time to correspond with others... and diligently seek the truth about this whacked out administration. And, I wait and I'll observe. ONLY to find the American Citizen is NOT being told the entire truth.

I commence to explain why WE are not told the whole truth, and I continue to observe. I see this whacked out administration lolly gagging. Literally, lolly gagging and provide proof... Sadim HUSSEIN Obama flying around constantly using unauthorized taxpayer money, golfing, vacationing, and golfing.... Did I mention golfing? Puppet Master Rahm and Gaffe Joe playing on the Whack House lawn with Super Soakers... While people are suffering under this sneaky under handed tactics of this administration. Remember the 13 Million Acre Land Grab??? How about Eric Holder not reading the 10 page AZ Immigration Law??? Sadim HUSSEIN Obama's own appointed cabinet works about as well as a literal "cabinet"... at the very least it has a door with hinges. Looks good on the outside maybe, but could very well be empty on the inside. I see regular people with more passion to discover the truth and doing more research than the tongue fumbling incompetent buffoons paid to boast of NOTHINGNESS... doing more research. What does Sadim HUSSEIN Obama want to do??? Pass a US Senate bill pushed by Joe Lieberman giving the Federal government "absolute authority" to shut down the Internet or world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

Thus handing a "kill switch" to Sadim HUSSEIN Obama, another cowardly way to control and abusively SILENCE... FREE SPEECH...

So, I continue my pursuit... hoping one day... EVERYONE will catch on...

The Daily Pledge is a secret waiting to be told. WE work hard on this endeavor or website. OUR hope is the hardworking American Citizen or those that want to count... will hear the TRUTH, and not the sensational story that pricks the heart or scratches the itching ear.

That's pretty much what is referred to as NEWS. The same topics are tossed around on social networking sites too. The problem with that is... by the time those issues "strike an emotional cord"... it's TOO LATE. By then, Sadim HUSSEIN Obama has already touched some aspect of the American culture, it's on its death bed, and killing the American dream for thousands of American Citizens... and those people have unfortunately been blind sided by the destructive back hand of Sadim HUSSEIN Obama, and the now demented Whack House mission statement derived and thriving on a CRISIS of all things. Gee, whatever happened to optimism??? How's that for HOPE? Like that CHANGE? Sick, sick people... mentally disturbed people have been elected and appointed into this administration BY voters (deceased and imaginary).

A "leader" (which Sadim HUSSEIN Obama is NOT, he has a Puppet Master named Rahm Emanuel).. is only as powerful as people allow one to be... the voters that elect "whomever" will be responsible for the ultimate demise of OUR Nation. Is that what WE the People want??? IF the VOTERS don't receive the ugly disturbing TRUTH about those whom they elected, along with the current undermining tactics and back stabbing taking place... demise is what WE the People will get.

If this Kat doesn't get out of the bag.... tweeting, fb, digging, stumbling, etc... are just a waste of sensationalistic time. You might as well watch a horror flick... except WE will be living it.

Here's some Good News: Sadim HUSSEIN Obama will be joining the senile Harry Reid in Nevada, as the old detrimental fart seeks to be re-elected. Sooo, hopefully good ole Murphy's Law will kick in and Harry's days will be numbered. Harry's got the SADIM TOUCH on his campaign. Looks like it's finally time for the rocking chair, Harry.

Just sayin'...........


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder

(Side note of empathy for non-technical readers... It was my intent to maintain a simple life, but my passion which is right here has graciously unfolded and prevailed. There was a time when I didn't know the colored text in the sentences are actually an embedded article. It's important to me that every single person... understand this uniquely designed website, enjoy it to the fullest, and learn as much as possible. If one stops learning... what's left in life?)