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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 05:40
What goes up must come down. Rupert Murdock's Media Menagerie is falling like a house of cards. I purposely broached the subject very lightly being a savvy business woman. I began by writing Media Money Pit, May 2010. You may want to read it if you haven't because it is still very appropriate. Especially, the 3rd paragraph from the bottom, the 1st sentence...

I have this sense about people, they fascinate me and yet disturb me by their antics or shenanigans of enormous foolery. Rupert is a businessman, and one attribute I recognize within myself is my ability to compartmentalize "certain" things (but like all human beings other issues bleed through my life). Although there is nothing new under the sun, and I've not heard anyone say this... Kathy Pledger says, "Business is business, and based on a set of principles that are transferable from one industry to another." Bare bones foundation and factual about business principles... you'd be surprised how many people don't get it.

So, I wrote about Rupert Murdoch and his "Media Menagerie" unbeknownst to me in May 2011. I tend to write according to my passion or senses and bring in the political relationship. Every aspect of our lives are targeted by politics, and the media business is driven by politics or mankind's desire to control.

I guess I could have lowered myself to Keith Rupert Murdoch's level and entered the octagon, with the 'ground and pound' tabloid trash title like...

Keith the Corruption King of Smut .... Rupert Murdoch, or

Rupert Murdoch the Tabloid Telltale Hacks the Queen B, Gordon B.... and Exploits Innocent Lives for MONEY.

Truthfully, I can't stand 'ground and pound'. It's brutal and nothing more than relentlessly beating another human being. I turn my head because it's a sensitive subject, crude, and barbaric. Plus, harming children and distraught families are beyond my comprehension, via corruption, let alone for the sake of sensationalism and money.

I can add this to Rupert Murdoch's resume of 'sensationalism for sales' or 'tricks for tabloids'.... how about if we go back to the octagon with Rupert Murdoch, and watch his own shenanigans perform the "Rear Naked Choke" on him as he did with The Sun. You know those sayings, "What goes around comes around", or the one about 'paybacks being the equivalent of a female dog'. Ole Rupert Murdoch didn't "out Fox" the GOLDEN RULE.

Rupert purchased The Sun in 1969. Rupert Murdoch exploited people, specifically women on page 3 with their bare breasts, took advantage of women, degraded (and degrades) women, eluding to women as being subordinate, the paper was appealing to "D" & "E" income groups or lower income, with not much money to spend, and it was targeted for spice, sex, salacious scandals, etc.

So, who caught the name of the printing presses in the video. Who took the time and watched the video, because it was over 13 minutes long.??? I did. The twisted mind of old man Murdoch hasn't changed, he was appealing to his own imaginations, and as a matter of fact that concept went a bit too far. Rupert Murdoch wanted the entangled mess of control with the political climate in media and broadcasting.

I'm not big on rehashing "news". I observe the people that make the "news", those that find some great "need" to "churn it out ASAP", research the lives of others, and continue observing.

Rupert Murdoch won't "tapout" on tabloid trash, because it worked for him. Remember this saying...??? "You make it fast, you lose it fast." Rupert hasn't changed, seeking to control and have power like Soros, but something always seems to happen to prove these men are mere mortals and really have no control at all. You know like Barry HUSSEIN Obama and his ideology that was mentored into his incompetent and worthless mind.

While Soros showed panic prior to the 2010 elections, and made rash decisions that were blunders, Rupert Murdoch has people jumping ship like it's going down faster than the Titanic. Perhaps the media monster he established has been seriously wounded and it's bleeding profusely since it's massive, oozing, self inflicted wound has been grossly exposed.

Rupert, welcome to the world of "Truth or Consequences". He's looking old fast and his young Chinese wife isn't looking so good herself from what I've seen. So, maybe Murdoch's hopes of getting into China may be crashing on rocks as the oceans he sought to cross have become rather violent.

The Wall Street Journal's publisher bailed out, but so little is spoken about Rupert Murdoch owning a publishing company, Fox News, Twentieth Century Fox, Direct TV, and thereby tied into pornography. I had Direct TV for the shortest amount of time I could tolerate that awful dish, and seeing the offering of pornography vs. Fox News. I'm just not able to grasp "fair and balanced", or conservative, or reliable. (Rupert Murdoch owns so much more.)

"News" is all about business, and the bottom line. Which brings me to Bill O'Reilly. He reminds me of a Rupert Murdoch clone to a limited degree. When I first saw him, I looked at him for the longest time wondering where I had seen his face. Somewhere I found out it was Inside Edition, TV tabloid, and I cannot elevate him beyond a "pinhead". Interesting, how O'Reilly or his producers dubbed his hour the "no spin zone", when he is still tabloid trash like Geraldo...That tabloid trash STILL does the dumbest things.

I've resorted to reading my news as a contributor to many resources on The Daily Pledge.

Keith Rupert Murdoch's business decisions now strangely resemble the theme of "The Glass Menagerie":

The subjects and themes of the play are weighty and somewhat timeless: failures of capitalism, failures of the family structure, failures of fathers..., broken promises, individual failure and reconciliation. The Glass Menagerie is about tough decisions people make for themselves that affect others and adversely themselves.


Kathy Pledger

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