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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Monday, 23 May 2011 13:18
Keith Rupert Murdoch, is probably known by most as the owner of Fox News in NYC. His dad was Sir Keith Murdoch in his native land of Australia, and also a journalist. So, it must come as no surprise, Rupert Murdoch followed his father's footsteps, and found a rather large niche in this world as a businessman in the field of journalism and broadcasting. Broadcasting because it's NOT ANY thing more than being a news READER from a ... TELEPROMPTER of all things.

You know, like Barry HUSSEIN Obama, BUT <----(meaning to the contrary) with one major exception. Barry HUSSEIN Obama is to be serving OUR Nation, as more than a reader of a teleprompter. Bill Clinton at the very LEAST knew what to say and as a "professional" speaker could cover his excessive mo' and mo' faux pas.

Unlike the more 'youthful' entrepreneurs who have chosen to call themselves a "philanthropist", other than Warren Buffet and Bill Gates with his accomplice Melinda, all for whom I have no respect for numerous reasons.... Rupert Murdoch reminds me a lot like another man whom I admire for his business acumen... Lee Iacocca.


These two men really aren't that much farther apart in age, but from what I gather (and I could be wrong) their style of business is/was conducted in a manner far differently. Both of which, I have no great qualms. It's their generation I admire, their diligence, persistence, tenacity, the "way" they learned which is NOT taught. There may be exceptions, and I may be one, too. How else would I be able to relate, right.....???

I am NOT condoning them in any other respect. Rupert Murdoch is not conservative, nor would one consider him "fair and balanced" as the owner of the Fox News Channel, by which SO many get their information as they REFUSE to READ. I'm astounded by what so many people ingest mentally. Whether it be blogs, books, commentaries, news, or NOTHING at ALL, etc. The LACK of research is wretched, and deplorable to the non-liberal political stance about which so many sit and complain via social networking, but about which do so little... outside serve themselves.

Those of US taking the time to read, research, and share information to educate the public sector... and rightfully so, I can only speak for myself...

Sadly, I watch OUR beloved United States of America stumble, totter, waver, and stammer... watch those who "think" they know what the meaning of "liberal" is... and "don't" ... trampling OUR Nation under God. Watch as others ask for "a hand" from those calling themselves Conservatives, turn a blind eye.... and NOT "unite", rather say something to the effect of , "Nah, I think we're good . Thanks." ... then carry on to PROVOKE the "other side" like a freakin' adolescence. Man, I see it and I see it all...

Everybody wants to grandstand... for their own shallow depths of their egos, and all the while diagnose Barry HUSSEIN Obama, with NO degree... or formal knowledge, they are also talking about themselves. GOP or whatever the other party is called shows troubling signs of disunity. Too much self-pride, adolescence, and less patriotism. I'd rather CHAT with the OPPOSITION SOMETIMES~!!! Non-liberals are little more than a bunch of whining placaters, backbiting, critical, nit pickers, and complainers...eating their own.


I stand up for the United States of America, and attribute it to my mother. She first took me to Town Plaza in Cape Girardeau, MO.... to see Robert F. Kennedy. That is where myself and my co-founder to the website had our first political encounter. Pretty wild and freaky, because he's older than me and I had the BETTER view. I still remember Robert Kennedy walking past me. Times were SO different then..... and have ONLY gotten.............. WORSE.

My mother was naturalized on television in Cape Girardeau, MO... KFVS-TV. I watched her as a little girl, and still remember the pretty dress she made to wear for that special day. My mother received a flag and cherishes it to this day. She took it upon herself to proudly pay for my Canadian husband to be naturalized, (He got a paper poppy... ) In turn he is currently helping his dad become a naturalized citizen... the same legal way. AND.... All the while we are forced to sit and watch OUR federal government SUE the state of Arizona for seeking legal protection against illegal immigrants that create and maintain havoc or disorderliness on OUR own citizens.... Uh, that is WE the people. And, that's IDIOCY~!!!

YET.......... I don't condemn Rupert Murdoch for becoming a legal American citizen to increase his fortune, and at this point bamboozle ignorant Americans.  Because WE all have a responsibility to educate ourselves, and there are consequences to be paid for taking anyone or anything at FACE VALUE. The ignorance of the majority of OUR Nation will pay, and it HURTS me DEEPLY to write it.

Previously, I had written about media being a business, and therefore the main objective is about the bottom line. It also sets up those dependent upon the media and upon the "news reader", due to the station's need for rating, and thus the use of sensationalism to enthrall the viewer.

Rupert Murdoch appears to be sly, an innovator, with a deep-seated, innate or instinctive mind for business, not to mention intelligent; bolstered with financial ease, yet in virtual silence.

One of Rupert's last moves he made was to re-marry for the third time, to Wendi Deng. Is it any wonder Rupert Murdoch married a savvy, more youthful business woman holding her own place in the same interests as himself.??? If the following is indeed true, he wanted to expand his media menagerie into China. Within a short number of days after Rupert's 2nd divorce, he married the much younger Wendi Deng. She has that youthful drive of ambition, and holds her own. Wendi is also Chinese...from the country Rupert Murdoch allegedly wanted to expand his media menagerie.

They have two young daughters, so starting yet another family says something about him. He wants to be around for a long time, and everything I've mentioned may well be the motivation of his life. If one has NO life.... they are DEAD.

Finally, I admire Rupert Murdoch, because he isn't one that deliberately throws his face out into the crowd to "get some political agenda across". There is much more to be read about him, and I could find hidden political agendas.... On Rupert Murdoch, this is where I stand.

Now, Wendi Deng.... is another story... for another day. She's a player.


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder