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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Thursday, 27 May 2010 02:04
Really? And Barry HUSSEIN calls himself the President? Tell me WHY anyone voted for him?

What in the world did Barry HUSSEIN say, that lead anyone to remotely begin to "think"... let alone believe, that he could or would do something 'hopeful' with OUR country? How in the world did they "think", he of all people was going to 'change' OUR Nation? Are people that ridiculously given to immediate gratification that they no longer want to toil and WAIT for the allotted time frame for the appropriate pay off or gain to their labor or end result? Does everyone want everything handed to them without effort, or do as little as possible?

What did THEY 'think' this human being was... some sort of magician? Surely not a god. Barry is a MAN. Look at the disdain he embodies and exudes toward US as a PEOPLE. WE are ALL but TOTALLY demoralized by Barry HUSSEIN. He and his cabinet are a National embarrassment and a National disgrace.

Look at our Gulf of Mexico and how Barry HUSSEIN, a supposed "leader" has NOT handled it.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Barry HUSSEIN is taking a personal vacation to one of his many hometowns, namely Chicago. Yet, Barry HUSSEIN has been using Air Force One like a private jet with his entourage leaving a "carbon foot print" (whatever that really is... IMAGINARY... nothing, nada, zilch, zero.)... bigger than Sasquatch.

Friday, and after ONE month he will FINALLY go to check out the oil "spill" on the ground. SPILL? It's by FAR worse than a catastrophe, yet this guy comes out unscathed for his blatant disregard for the well being of the PEOPLE that make a LIVING from the waters Gulf or the shore lined states, not to mention the wildlife. Where are the maniacal environmentalists, now? Why are they NOT protesting Barry HUSSEIN and his lack of "Presidential presence", his blatant disregard to the environment, the wildlife suffering, etc.?

And this "may be his Katrina"... Why is it taking so long? The PEOPLE of the Gulf get from Barry HUSSEIN, "Plug the d@mn hole." Has it occurred to ANYONE else, Barry HUSSEIN is in WAY, WAY over his head? He does NOT know what to do. I've said it before and I'll say it again and again... that explains why Barry is NOT in the big White House on Pennsylvania Ave. He plays golf more than any other President and he's been in office for 16+ months, travels incessantly on Air Force One with an entourage across this country and globally on OUR tax dollars.

He is irresponsible. He is NOT a leader, he does NOT know how to handle his job, does NOT know how to BE diplomatic, is NOT professional, NOT Presidential material, and can no longer organize a community effectively as he is no longer liked for any reason. He is a FAILURE along with his appointed cabinet.

HUSSEIN... Wasn't that Saddam's last name? Just sayin'....

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Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-Founder