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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 23:51
One would believe the President's speechwriter would require a formidable, and experienced individual to perform the arduous task, full of demands, under time constraints. A speechwriter that could fall back on experience and years of political knowledge, backed by managerial experience to lead the remaining speechwriters in the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Perhaps an individual that has lived to understand life, hardships that build character, and instill an understanding of reality, leading to nothing short of a matured individual.

Well, after reading about Jon Favreau, it's no wonder Barry HUSSEIN is falling flat on his face. It's not any fault of Jon's or should I say "Favs", as he's so affectionately called by his young friends. All he did was agree to take the position that was offered to him by the all incompetent Barry HUSSEIN Obama. Why not, it 'appears' as though he has nothing to lose. Although his reputation may very well be at stake with his one hit wonder... the "Hopey Changey".

See, Jon Favreau is the youngest speechwriter in the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue's history. His birthday is June 2, 1981. Favreau is also a "throw away" (2003-2004) intern from the FAILED John Kerry (D - MA) run for President in 2004. Favreau graduated as valedictorian from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA in 2003 with a degree in political science. Perhaps, Favreau should have stopped his political "career" at crooked Kerry, and used his scholarship to obtain a law degree, and learned a thing or two about REAL life.

Favreau also has a knack for writing, and this is where things get "unconventional" in that big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Favreau is 29 years old now, right.? When he was 28 years old he was still referring to himself as a KID. When he saw his fellow classmates from college he referred to them as KIDS.

Jon Favreau is SO YOUNG... his aspirations are so short sighted once he leaves the big Whack House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Since this gig is the celestial point in his life on earth... seeing how he CHANNELS Barry HUSSEIN Obama, and this joker is still among us. Favreau has visions of writing a screenplay or novel of what it was like GROWING UP, and having this occupation. His knowledge of what lies ahead is so stunted he can't begin to imagine the realistic possibilities of what COULD be in store for him, or repercussions for selling out to a Marxist out to destroy OUR Nation.

That's really just a cover up for sensationalism or flat-out demonic from the depths of Hell, and Favreau sold his soul to Satan himself. Otherwise, this KID is doing what he basically said from the beginning which is bad enough. A speech is like a story, and he learned from the two best story tellers he knows... his parents.

HELLO... The so-called "President" hired this level of mentality to be his speechwriter.? Because this overgrown BOY had an interest in WELFARE, Barry hired him on the spot. Barry has MORE than proven his incompetency. Favreau hung out at some welfare agency in college.... BIG DEAL~!!! His qualifications also included a referral by crooked, creepy John Kerry the tax evader and Robert Gibbs, (the one suffering Oxygen Deprivation by Anal Asphyxiation... ) another Kerry campaign team loser. That makes two Kerry team losers Barry took on for his staff... Duh.

Jon Favreau at one point expressed his own concern about managing a team of speechwriters, wow a touch of realism... BUT WHY bother.??? HIS own so-called boss CAN'T do it either so what's the big deal.??? Barry HUSSEIN Obama is mismanaging OUR Government and destroying OUR Nation with these equally incompetent staff he's appointed. Barry's judgement is SO POOR. Avian of a feather... Just sayin'.

Now on to Chris Matthews and his urinating down his leg when he heard Barry HUSSEIN give his primary speeches... Maybe Favreau's mystical CHANNELING of Barry HUSSEIN Obama 'leaked' over from Favreau's Catholic, Jesuit Alma mater. Matthews graduated from College of the Holy Cross in '67. He too was a speechwriter... for the demented and disrespectful Jimmy Carter, no less.

They sound like a bunch of misfits joined together. Misfits do NOT make a whole. It is just a BUNCH of MISFITS.

The problem with Barry HUSSEIN Obama's speeches being so flat and predictable is... the MAN does NOT have charisma like people thought. Favreau and Barry only connected on the speech with the primary. The rest has been a total disconnect and Barry's personality is NOT multi-dimensional. The mere mortal MAN has limitations... he is nothing more than a campaigner. Now that people know the fabric of his agenda seeking personality and the cold hearted nature within... his campaigning SUCKS, too.

Stay tuned... this big Whack House on Pennsylvania Avenue is chock-full of characters that will leave you saying, "Ah, now I get it.... " or wondering "WHY...?" You know how it's said figuratively... "they're in bed together"...??? This is like a money pit orgy in my opinion.... money is FILTHY TOO.

Did you ever stop to wonder where that dollar bill has been...??? Ewwwww.... wash your hands... just sayin'...


Kathy Pledger,

Managing Director, Editor & Co-founder