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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Tuesday, 03 May 2011 07:13
Barry HUSSEIN Obama is one mental disorder in and of himself. To say the death of a man reportedly hiding out in a "specially constructed $1 million compound with walls as high as 18 feet high topped with barbed wire" makes 'the world a safer place' is Obama's Bin Laden Delusions of Grandeur.

Does this guy and his fictional writers that saunter around him think they live in the wonderful world of Disney.? He made sure to cover his Muslim hide and made sure to have a well prepared "storyline" ready to hit the presses, while Barry HUSSEIN Obama called Osama a "TERRORIST". The same word Barry HUSSEIN Obama struck from the politically correct invisible dictionary.... READ this...

"Muslim tradition requires prompt burial, generally within 24 hours, but American authorities found a way to comply with that requirement while denying his followers a shrine. His body was washed in accordance with Islamic custom, and placed in a white sheet and then inside a weighted bag, a senior defense official said. Aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the North Arabian Sea, a military officer read religious rites - translated into Arabic - and then the body was placed on a board, tipped up and "eased into the sea," the official said...." Note: there was only one quote in that statement.

Outside the White House was hooting and celebrating. I got a glimpse of youngsters who are probably clueless to this Osama guy with ailing kidneys, skinny and doubtful to be alive while watching one of the last videos of him walking on rocks years ago.

... and the buzz about this lily white ritual on behalf of a "TERRORIST"... is being heralded by whom...???

So while Obama's Bin Laden Delusions of Grandeur has kicked into high gear, he has his Muslim hide covered while they burn OUR flag, throw shoes at OUR President George W. Bush, who by the way began this entire search. It was Barry HUSSEIN Obama that OPPOSED President Bush and OUR OWN governmental policies namely foreign affairs. Looks like the incompetent PAWN's finite imaginary "hope" to use the court system for justice and close Guantanamo Bay with in a year has PROVEN what I've said... ideologues are full of man's imagination and do not work in REAL LIFE. Barry stepped into a REAL man's shoes, and fumbled, all over his finite imagination.... HOPE and he wings it.

Oh, but twist it into a MASSIVE stroke for the depths of his shallow ego, then he will use his fictional writers to clean it up and make Obama's Bin Laden Delusions of Grandeur look and feel good to Barry HUSSEIN Obama.

I used to go into large discount stores and wonder what country I was in because I speak one language. It's English. Now when I write, I'm wondering what country I live in because somehow a man got elected into the office as President, and I'm writing HUSSEIN, Osama, Obama, Muammar Gaddafi.... the despot that wrote to his son Barry HUSSEIN Obama - Gaddafi "To my Dear Obama, our son"...

Welcome to living under the sick mind of Obama Bin Laden Delusions of Grandeur once known more simply as kum ba ya.


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder