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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Friday, 11 February 2011 09:08

It's interesting to sit and observe the media scurrying to be the first to get the "news" out to the public, or the first to get their opinions out about how they think Barry HUSSEIN Obama knows what he is doing with this Egyptian uprising... interestingly against a REGIME of all things, and notably against one authoritarian man... Hosni Mubarak. (Moo - BARAK... strange breakdown of that Arab's name. Just sayin'...) Barry HUSSEIN Obama is a selected... PAWN. Now Mubarak has this so-called administration looking like the clueless mouthpieces they are, because he isn't "listening" to anyone in that big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, or any of the appointees.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama makes a phone call, and tells Mubarak to do something. Oh boy, the man with the SADIM touch makes a phone call. Big deal.!!! Hillary Clinton makes some "kum ba ya" statement... So what.!!! Go out among the people protesting like Greg Palkot, and Olaf Wiig with Fox News, and get the living day lights beaten out of you by the virtually directionless, desperate people who've all but lost their minds under the oppression of a REGIME leaving them with nothing more than sticks, rocks, fists, and Molotov cocktails.

Note: These people have no guns. Speaking of guns, reporting has become over abundant, leaning heavily upon opinions that it's very similar to shotguns being fired. Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them and if you get close enough... a lot of them STINK.

So, are you wondering what my point is by any chance...??? Haste makes waste. Breaking news is becoming questionable, and if you wait long enough, more news will break in the form of a "correction". So I've been watching this violent and deadly fiasco unfold from the time it began, and the following is the cause of the Egyptian uprising.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama has the SADIM touch. Let me reiterate the meaning for those who may not understand. Barry HUSSEIN touches ANY thing and DESTROYS it. The SADIM touch is the opposite of the Midas touch. 

Barry HUSSEIN Obama has already been to Cairo, Egypt.... in 2009. He touched Cairo, Egypt... so what is to happen..??? Like everything else he touches, Egypt was bound to BE destroyed. Barry HUSSEIN Obama went there to represent US.... WE the People, behind OUR backs. He spoke to the Egyptians about the freedoms and opportunities of prosperity of which, WE the People are being robbed by the same Campaigner-N-Chief. He gave them hope for democracy as we are being oppressed by the forcing of UNconstitutional forms of socialist, Marxist types of government rule.

Thus, I... Kathy Pledger, present the question to America... Why behave as though any one is surprised...???

Barry HUSSEIN Obama's attempt was to combine the United States of America with a "religion" of Muslims. He juxtaposed two very incompatible categories of people back in 2009.  Please read it again:

"This cycle of suspicion and discord must end," Obama said. "I've come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition."

And in case anyone has FORGOTTEN... there was more liberal verbiage to the Barry HUSSEIN Obama's campaign pledge that should NOW make one tremble convulsively with great concern. Please read once more:

Obama pledged during his presidential campaign to reach out directly to America's rivals if elected, and the speech Thursday marked his most high-profile attempt to change the direction of U.S. relations with Islamic nations....

Barry HUSSEIN Obama also stated in video... "let there be no doubt Islam is part of America..." Think back. Barry HUSSEIN Obama has speechwriters. One young man in particular.... Ben Rhodes, the Deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, and the Foreign policy speechwriter who was more than patted on the back for this speech written in Cairo, that Barry HUSSEIN read in his rhythmic tone via his teleprompters. It was mentioned in some respect, that Ben was penning a new script in regards to our foreign policy. Ben is still in his 30's.

Later, the same speech was claimed to be written by the Imam who wanted to build the Mosque by Ground Zero. Was it up for grabs.???

Then yesterday, while Barry HUSSEIN Obama is chatting it up at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI... with students and boasting about Egypt like he did something... AND he is NOT at the WHITE HOUSE in DC... Hosni Mubarak made Barry HUSSEIN look like a fool by refusing to step down.

This was followed by Leon Pannetta, the Director of the CIA... doing the same idiocy as Eric Holder... tongue fumbling his way out of NOT upholding his duties. His ramblings came from MEDIA BROADCASTS~!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it ANY wonder WHY our government's status of a SUPERPOWER looks more like the Keystone Cops.???

Just keeping it REAL.....


Kathy Pledger, MA, PNC

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder