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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 15:24
Barry HUSSEIN Obama is making my skin crawl.... when I see his face or hear about another count of betrayal to OUR Nation as a People, OUR Nation's economy, his wallet and bank account, and those with whom he rubs his scaly elbows... if only a snake had elbows. A snake does have a forked tongue, which enables Barry HUSSEIN greater ease in talking out of both sides of his mouth.

I can remember sitting in front of the television watching him as he spoke about the USA auto industry. He made some wise crack about 'NOT wanting to be in the auto industry'. As I sat there and read his face, I blurted out, "He's lying, look at his face. It's written all over his face. He is such a liar. "


Barry HUSSEIN Obama's words were nothing short of a foreshadowing of his VERY OWN... morally reprehensible psyche... he would rapidly manifest before OUR eyes.

Sure enough, Barry HUSSEIN is a betrayer, an elected traitor. We now have GM or Government Motors and Chrysler. Take a look at one aspect of Detroit. There are many more photos to be seen. Most cities have a Union Station or Central Station being used to serve its intended purpose or redesigned to further the economy. Not in Detroit, MI... (Click here.) The beauty of that building and so many more that have been wasted and deteriorated, it makes my heart sink.

Then, I'm infuriated by Barry HUSSEIN Obama going to Holland, MI on July 15, 2010, to meet with LG Chem, a Korean manufacturer of lithium ion cells. It is very unusual for an incumbent US president to appear at such an event for a foreign company, and it is the first time for a Korean firm. I saw this in the Korean news article before any US news. Barry HUSSEIN doesn't give a red rats rear end about the workers at GM or Chrysler, or OUR Nation. Barry HUSSEIN has his OWN warped money making agenda he contrives behind OUR backs.

So, the National TRAITOR-in-Chief will be attempting to sing some "green" praise for an electric car WE will be stuck with when his CRACKA' ARAB BLACK butt is hopefully out of office in 2012, if not sooner. Like WE want to drive that plug in death trap. Why don't we do something REAL and capture the methane cows and people fart, do something productive with it... and keep driving the kind of vehicles for which OUR Nation was known... NOT some unrealistic mental image a NOBODY, an INCOMPETENT, IDEOLOGUE... namely Barry HUSSEIN Obama touts with like minded cohorts.

Barry HUSSEIN will also attempt to sing HIS own CRACKA' ARAB BLACK praises (like he is some godlike CHARACTER or something delusional like that...) for 'creating' 400 jobs in a state with unemployment at 13.6%. It has to be higher than that, how many people have been unemployed and aren't in the system anymore because their benefits have run out?

Once again, the DESTOYER of OUR Nation and for all that OUR America stands.... will board Air Force One, waste OUR tax money, of those gainfully employed, only to fly to Holland, MI to utter words equivalent to the fecal matter... exiting the south end of a north bound BULL.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama will then pack his wife who supports an unheard of, shallow.... if one must call it a "cause" of childhood obesity, when she is clueless of the onset, and has YET to view her own backside in a MIRROR. I digress... this careless frivolous so-called family will pack their kids onto Air Force One, onto another mode of transportation, and then some, at YET another UN-authorized taxpayer expense as this is their third (3rd) undeserved vacation. Does he not get enough time to himself GOLFING? FLOTUS has turned the big White House into a turnip patch, and it doesn't look like she eats vegetable one.

It would be nice if Barry HUSSEIN and FLOTUS would plug both their own "D@mn Holes" like Barry said HIMSELF about the Gulf oil catastrophe he obviously could care less about, as he DESTROYS OUR natural resources. At the very least, one of three things come out of their mouths.... rhetoric, lies, or TROUBLE in the form of pitting PEOPLE against PEOPLE under their evil race card. OR they don't practice what they preach.

Remember who the opposite of King Midas is... Barry "Sadim" HUSSEIN...

King Midas touched everything, and it turned to gold.

Barry "Sadim".... just the OPPOSITE of Midas... Touches everything and DESTROYS it.

Just sayin'................


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder