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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Friday, 09 September 2011 11:53
Looks like Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama did bring "change", and I'm not referring to the worthless coins that rattle in your pocket, or the emaciated piggy banks with... the ribs you may need too eat rather than stuff with worthless coinage... know what I'm sayin'....??? I thought so....

Homeboy, Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama of the Chicago persuasion... who would only aspire to... not-a-thing more than a "Community Organizer-N-chief", and have the depths of his shallow ego fed by strangers "ooohing and aaaaahing" over his 'nothingness', or the odd men that passed through his sad, lonely life... as he grew up with no real dad or mom, or faith in a True God. Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama was LEFT with less than what his mom was.... a sleaze bag with what was once a mind of peace, love.... please call it what it was.... HEDONISM, and some delusional IDEOLOGY.

Oh, but hedonism isn't "politically correct". Call it "liberal" as in perhaps being "liberated". People don't realize it resides in their finite minds. It's a trap. Now add... politics to that TRAP.

Now add this..... Being to busy, judgmental toward others, looking to "FEEL" good.... somewhere, somehow, hurting others to make your own self "FEEL" better in a pathetically dueling and battling way, YET..... "WANTING" someone to take care of YOU....

That VOID in your heart... leads you to deception. You fall for what you "THINK" is right... yet all you do is seek pleasure.... one thing leads to another by deception and fear... and you keep listening to the 'wrong' voice..... bu...bu... bu.. BUT, you really, really want what you want... and you think it's a 'CIVIL RIGHT'....


Politicians... Why don't they do what they say? Say what they mean...? One thing leads to another...

It's called.... DECEPTION. It becomes the politician's twisted reality. I don't like rehashing "news" I learn more about human behavior as I observe it. This was based on Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama's insecure and panicked need to address OUR Nation in front of Congress in a failed attempt to implement his "strategy", mentioned in "Obama Shove(l) This",here at The Daily Pledge. He also timed it after the GOP debate.

Those who voted for him or listen to his empty words... fall for it, and they know even less... from what little.... they already, don't know... (Yikes~!!!) Selfish, pleasure seekers, who want their "civil rights"... don't even know WHY democrats seemingly "cater" to their "rights", when most don't know how to behave in a civil way let alone, maturely. (Something strikes me here... if the population of gays and lesbians use the rainbow or the color scheme, I have a question that reverberates in my head. Ready.??? Why does the most irreverent Jesse Jackson have an "organization" called The Rainbow Coalition..???)

Nice segue to..... the main subject.... seeing how old man Jackson (Pops & Jr. with his "cupcake" have been discovered by The Daily Pledge with due diligence, given the genetic skank.)  I digress with the GREATEST of ease... so, old man Jackson was getting his exploitative race baiting feet stepped on by Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama, and wanted to whack homeboy's ACORN's off.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama is pimping his same old, dry, non-charismatic, non-nonsensical agenda, to blacks in Atlanta, GA, where their unemployment rate is higher than the national quoted average of a stale and stagnant 9.1%. (I believe it is double that figure, because I see it far too many times.) Atlanta's unemployment rate is approximately 10.4%, with approximately 800,000 functionally illiterate residents.

This is like deja vu all over again.... With Hoffa in the background in Detroit, Michigan, making unwarranted threats with foul language.

How many pleasure seekers have been and are DUPED... by this DECEIVER.??? By having their lazy MINDS, or laziness tapped into via their instant gratification via their "feelings".??? And, their ignorance and moronic stupidity is written all over their faces with their braggadocios fecal matter rolling off their tongues.

WISE UP, America... the voters got OUR Country into this mess.  I've heard enough flak from freakin' FOPPERY...

The Daily Pledge was established to discover the truth.


Kathy Pledger

Editor & Co-founder

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