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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Saturday, 10 July 2010 20:20
Or in Barry HUSSEIN's words a "typical white person". Because Barry comes from the combined total of the following: his daddy was 12.5% black... 87.5% Arab... his momma was100% cracker... half of each is Barry HUSSEIN Obama. There's your dreaded word problem for the day. Just kidding the answer is on the next page. It's written all over his 'black looking cracker' face like the majority of his body language.

Who came up with "honky and cracker" anyway...? Ah... "cracker" was Andy Griffith.

Barry HUSSEIN Obama is now at the forefront of racism among black radical supremists. And he is using Eric Holder as his black racist pawn, his scapegoat... Holder will be thrown under Barry's bus to get your eyes off Barry HUSSEIN's mostly white backside. (Click on link for documentation)

I'll ask it again... WHY does this country have the social pressure to make one choose a race.?????


WHY are there such narrow minded people that make this Nation of OURs only black & white.????

And, WHY do groups exist that are SO fiercely angry, hiding under the twisted pietistic guise of a 'religion' or an ordered list of social operatives as being 'good for our own people' ??? What's disturbing is the crossing over of cults, with gang mentality, violent tendencies, and politics.

Black or white... these people do NOT live in REALITY in their minds. Truly it is ALL based on a mortal man's ideology.... limited and deceiving to the one that conjures it up, and the one that falls for it by believing any portion of it. Muddling of the truth is when any portion of the truth has been tainted by a lie. It is no longer true... it becomes a lie.

Allow me to give clarification on words too. Discrimination is discrimination. There is no such thing as a "reverse discrimination". I know discrimination and despise it for what it is when done relentlessly, and how it adversely affects a human being to the core. Black people have their VERY OWN discrimination process within their OWN race that has taken place for years. It has to do with darker skin and lighter skin. Now the radical supremists call themselves the pure race (there is NO PURE ANYTHING on this planet... people~!!!).... so they include a hierarchy of black, brown, yellow, red and white... being the lowest of mankind.

A pure black race is like a white supremists calling the white man a pure race. The latter would go over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl. That whole concept of a "pure race" is about as STUPID is, as STUPID does. And this condemning adolescent behavior in adult bodies is being condoned, and encouraged with criminal behavior in the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Barry HUSSEIN is seeing to it... Chicago politics as usual, except Barry HUSSEIN has his henchman doing the dirty work for him.... as he continues to deliberately DESTROY OUR Nation... economically, as a People, and OUR natural resources.


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder


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