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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 13:57
Moammar Gaddafi could run, but apparently couldn't hide in the drainage culvert which was befitting of the RAT he was. All drenched in blood for money, lifeless, powerless, ultimately NOT in control.

Moammar's shallow depths of arrogance were to feed his delusions of grandeur.

Reality check: His death was graphic and showed how deeply the oppressed Libyans despised the mere mortal. Moammar's whose death spiraled his name notoriously into infamy.


Tyranny is despicable. Dictators are evil and abusive. The world sees their ultimate fate, one way or another. Remember Saddam HUSSEIN...??? Found hiding in a hole like the fugitive he was, he had a noose awaiting him. His death also supersedes any great recollection of his lavish lifestyle, he stole from the citizens of Iraq. Why would anyone seek to be a dictatorial ideologue...???

Pay backs....

Speaking of pay backs, Mariah (MOO-riah) Carey is still working on an album called "Save the Day". And, no mention of the "blood money" she took for singing for MOO-ammar's son.

She has an estimated net worth for 2011 of $500 million. Why won't she donate the $1 million Libyan "blood money"? She added that she would donate the proceeds from a new song "Save the Day" for unspecified "human rights issues" and stressed her previous charity work.

Occupy the Opportunist and the Accessory to Oppression - - Mariah Carey.

Who is she to speak about "human rights"...??? She can't see past her cornea. Mariah Carey has Libyan blood on her hands. She is a cheap sellout and I will easily boycott her, because I already did.

The Daily Pledge was established to discover the truth.


Kathy Pledger
The PhotogPhenom
Editor & Co-founder

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