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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Thursday, 27 May 2010 10:29

Let me begin by thanking all the men and women that have served in OUR military, or currently serve in OUR military. You may not "feel" it, yet there are many true Americans that love OUR Nation, and have a deep appreciation for OUR service men and women. Thank you very much.

Like every other holiday, people have forgotten the true meaning. Many think Memorial Day means to honor all the dead, but that is so not true... Memorial Day is a time to remember those that fallen in service to OUR country... to uphold OUR freedom as it still stands to this day. From those of us that understand FREEDOM, WE are truly grateful.

Did you realize Memorial Day is recognized all the way back to the Civil War? The ladies of the South honored the graves of the Confederate dead. It's a time to honor.

Sadly, today we turn toward... a Presidential display of dishonor....

Maybe somebody forgot to tell Barry HUSSEIN Obama Presidential protocol. Nah, Barry has made a conscious decision to remove all decency from the office which he holds. His actions and contradictory language silently scream of his disdain to America. (WE are America.) Taking a personal vacation to his hometown Chicago, and he will wrap up his vacation by seeing Paul McCartney. All this instead of attending the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery is at the very least... patronizing. One correction. He's from Kenya... and he's handing the baton to none other than.. YEP... Gaffe Joe.

He did it again, too. What is wrong with Gaffe Joe Biden? Barry HUSSEIN's thoughtless and shallow Presidential advice for the BP oil catastrophe gone dreadfully bad was "Plug the d@mn hole." Maybe he should be telling Gaffe Joe that instead. It's much more befitting, and they speak the same foul language.

Joe Biden was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, speaking at a barbecue for wounded soldiers when he commented about veterans coming home from the Vietnam War.
He made the following remark.... "I didn't serve in Vietnam. I don't want to make a Blumenthal mistake here," he said according to a pool report. "Our attorney general from Connecticut, God love him."

Later he said "I have a bad habit of saying exactly what I think."

No joke, Joe... Or better yet maybe your problem is you FAIL to THINK before you talk. Others FAIL to READ. One FAILS to LEAD.

Barry HUSSEIN is making a debacle and a mockery out of OUR country. Look at OUR economy. Look at OUR National Debt... $13 trillion. Look at Barry HUSSEIN flying across the country, and nobody says a word. All Barry does is campaign as a detriment to his own party. Barry can't he see he isn't popular anymore. His lack of transparency has become VERY transparent.

Barry HUSSEIN is NOT a leader. He's incompetent. So is his appointed cabinet. Watching this government in action is painful and humiliating as an American citizen with friends around the world. They look to OUR Nation as a resource on some level for their own country, and we have a President that is STILL running against George W. Bush. What a warped mind living in the past constantly accusing and blaming another. Barry HUSSEIN only shows US how he does NOT "get it". He needs to walk........... Use the door you showed the Dalai Lama, too.


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder