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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 11:09
Jimmy Phillip Hoffa and his threats in Detroit, Michigan of all places in the United States to be urging violence against Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama's opposition, calling a group of people whom he knows not... foul names, and inciting threats. See, the effeminate one that wears mom jeans, and throws a baseball like me, only knows abuse, tyranny, violence, breaking the law or ignoring OUR Constitution, because he is anti-American. Chicago thug doing business comes to mind. Like the Mafia.

This "LACKY of CHARISMA-in-chief" is losing, so he turns to fear tactics or as I've said all long... ABUSE. So, the Coward-in-chief, showing his insecurity is "proud" of Jimmy Hoffa.

Speaking of Hoffa... The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree, does it.??? Strangely, his dad's name was James Riddle Hoffa. He had serious ties to the federal government, was convicted and served time in prison for attempted bribery, and later convicted of fraud for improper use of Teamsters' pension funds. Yet was later pardoned by Nixon.


Nice deal for Jimmy "the Joker or Riddler" Hoffa, because he received his Teamster pension fund in a lump sum of $1.7 million dollars. Jimmy's disappearance was last linked to a couple of guys with the Mafia, and at least one held an administrative position with, well... the Teamsters. Of course, they denied ever seeing him, and that was good enough. Case closed.

Odd how that his disappearance matches his middle name "Riddle", and his death is also a "riddle".

The "union" sounds nice, but it has nothing to do with "unity" or "uniting" workers with management, the people at the top take the money and lobby with politicians. "Union" falls in line more with the word "organized" as in crime. Just sayin'... The International Brotherhood of Teamsters have an office in Washington, DC with a scenic view of the Capital Building. How quaint. (Inflect sarcasm...)

So, where did the union thugs go.??? Not only to the state of Michigan where the unemployment rate is around 10.9%, and the auto industry was destroyed by Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama. All these inciters of violence went to one of the hardest hit cities in the state of Michigan... Detroit.

I've read numbers on their unemployment rate being anywhere from 20-50%... That's called "strategy" by some seriously coldblooded people. Teamsters bother me in another way, Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama, destroyed the auto industry under the LIE of clean air, fuel consumption or whatever... whomever whispers into his ear. (He can't read a Port-O-Prompter accurately or like a professional who "wings" it during a live performance, because he is a bobble or "figure head".) Teamsters also have their hands in the trucking industry which Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama is attempting once again to put our very economic infrastructure to a GRINDING and painful halt.

They are sadistic, evil people.

Part of this CRUEL strategy, surely had to do with the ILLITERACY rate in Detroit, Michigan... These wealthy people speak in front of many who may well depend upon government assistance because of this personal ATROSITY people keep hidden... (READ on because YOU can..........)

"... Detroit is now facing another staggering calamity: Nearly half the adults in Motown are "functionally illiterate," according to a new report, which means an estimated 200,000 residents are struggling every day to read, speak and write.

And, sadly, most of these Detroit residents in turmoil are black.

"We have a crisis," Margaret Williamson, with Pro-Literacy Detroit, Michigan's largest literacy organization, told reporters. "People can graduate, have a high school diploma and not be able to read it."

According to the study by the National Institute for Literacy, about 47 percent of the adults who are considered functionally illiterate have actually received high school degrees.

In addition, the report finds, one in three workers in Michigan lack the skills or credentials to pursue additional education beyond high school.

This is a shame. How can so many African-Americans slip through the cracks and not get the basic tools they need to make it through life? The support system in Detroit didn't just break down. It collapsed in ways that are unimaginable. ......."

PREY UPON the WEAK, who know NO BETTER. Think ACORN, Community Organizer... BUT... Do NOT feel for the POLITICIANS and their THUGGERY~!!!!!


The Daily Pledge was established to discover the truth.


Kathy Pledger

The PhotogPhenom

Editor & Co-founder