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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 12:57
I've been patiently watching and listening to the news lately. Mostly listening to it as it rolls continually throughout the day through each news reader. I listen to how some of it begins to change slowly, and as the pathetic person begins to WANT what they THINK is best for the masses, it becomes very clear just how absurd people are becoming with their thought patterns.

I'm going to begin with that silly hot dog again, and the shape of it. As the day lingered on, someone subtly interjected the shape needed to be changed to spare children from choking on the thing. Who stepped in when we were growing up? Why do WE need so many rules and regulations on manufactures these days because someone in the house can't cut the hot dog into different shapes so it won't resemble the esophagus?

Speaking of hot dogs... What about that woman with the Dachshund in CO? Her 10 year old pet was getting his teeth cleaned at the vet's office, anesthetized, and the helper was bitten. She wants to sue the pet owner and have the dog euthanized. The owner was in tears as she explained how her beloved pet needed to be covered every night before he could sleep. What has happened to the mentality of human beings? How have people gotten so twisted in their thinking patterns? Plus, with a cold heart like that, I'd dare say she is in the wrong business. She needs to be fired.

What about Toyota? Okay the gas pedal may have a complication, but what about that floor mat? Who hasn't had a vehicle with a floor mat that bunched up under the gas pedal? Pull the floor mat OUT~!!!! Besides, think about it.... if the floor mat bunched up under the gas pedal, like mine have.... the gas pedal won't get stuck and accelerate. Give that some thought.... Who owns the car companies in the USA? Who is the competition? How does Government Motors put a stop to Toyota? BUT, honestly, why does Toyota have to have a recall on the floor mat? That sounds like a shallow conspiracy, and very ill planned at that. Then again, Community Organizers don't need to have a "plan" to do that sort of snow job. I mean job. Just hot air and empty words.

Okay, onto Harry Reid, the man with the outbursts of racial senility. Who is this clown who publicly insults the ancestors of a human race by using an archaic term like "Negro dialect", trying to access the problems of unemployed men and their abusive behaviors? Yet another insult to the MANY unemployed men that do NOT physically harm their wives or loved ones. What a generalizing IDIOT.

Why anyone would re-elect this fool is beyond me. Especially, since he mainly represents Nevada... where Las Vegas has a plethora of economic problems, without the worthless representation of the TARP spending, (fully returned TARP money now a self appointed SLUSH fund/campaign money for Democrats), and the spender of precious taxpayer money... B HUSSEIN Obama.

NOTE: I said Reid MAINLY represents Nevada... Reid is a NATIONAL THREAT~!!!!!

Let me simplify this one more time in case some of you missed it the last time. Everyone in every city and state has something they see as a serious problem. Perhaps it deals with a point and time in their own lives like school vouchers, college tuition, unemployment checks, etc. I have a REALLY hard time seeing beyond the empty food pantries, the homeless shelter having to CHARGE people to stay there, or even worse.... filling backpacks with food for young kids and making up a story to get them to "test" the food in order to get food in their tummies for the evening without embarrassing them. Then I look and see this ingrate of a so-called President behaving as a Dictator, bankrupting our Nation, with people in complete oblivion to his actions because they WANT to live in a NANNY state out of individual selfishness, short sightedness, and laziness. Somehow conned into believing this joker has all the answers. It truly baffles me.

The elected Community Organizer-in-Chief is wasting precious money on field trips CAMPAIGNING for equally UNDESERVING politicians because he does not know how to do his job, and continues to TRY and push the SAME Dealthcare through Congress repeatedly.... Give it up, because WE DON'T WANT IT SHOVED DOWN OUR COLLECTIVE THROATS. I will GLADLY throw REPUBLICANS in this worthless bunch too. ~ RHINO's - Republicans In Name Only.

Now, onto the PETTY BICKERING among the Conservatives. STOP~!!! All I see is immature, short sightedness, again. People thinking they have some voice and using it in a destructive manner. Tearing down other people, EATING THEIR OWN... picking on issues or politicians all the way back to Abraham Lincoln. The absurdity of this pathetic pettiness is pretty much EVERYWHERE... it's astounding how people cannot, and will not stop to listen to what comes out of their mouths. Or better yet, what dumps out of their brains and through their fingertips as they type.

It's simple and I have no problem repeating something if it teaches one to observe oneself to take personal action. You know like... etiquette, or are we so far removed from it?

Words do one of two things. Words will either destroy. Or words will encourage. Stop and think about what you are about to say (or write) before you expend your energy. Use some discernment or don't bother......... and spare everyone.


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder