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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 09:09

Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and founder of King for America Inc., is right on the money with her assessment of Harry Reid, and his MORE than racist remark about Obama -- "a ‘light-skinned' African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,'..." Harry Reid is an INSULT to every WHITE human being and to every BLACK human being and their ancestors!!!!

Let me begin by exposing something about racial discrimination for all ignorant people out there. Remember this too... Racial discrimination exists among or within ALL races. Why black people are at the forefront of this topic is beyond me, and why they are at liberty to pick and choose their "times" to draw the imaginary "race card" is beyond me. This country is full of double standards and racial discrimination with the black community is always at the forefront, with the likes of Al Sharpton, who at the same time chooses to pardon such blatant bigotry as Harry Reid's despicable statements as it falls somewhere within Al's blurred definition of that overused imaginary "race card", and his political agenda without boundaries. Al Sharpton vacillates more than smoke in the wind when it comes to his opinions on anything.

If I may take a rabbit trail here for better clarification. I was discriminated against for being half-Korean and half-white. I learned that Koreans would not accept me for being seen as half-Korean and half-white. I learned at an early age that I was not very well received by some of my childhood peers as a being seen as half-Korean and half-white. Hines Ward, wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers couldn't have made it any more clearer when I saw him on television speaking on this topic, and I cried when I watched it.

He also summarized it in an article stating, "I was a lost child," Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward says. "I wasn't accepted in the black community because I was Korean, and I wasn't accepted in the Korean community because I was black." He blamed his Korean mother for the teasing he got on the playground in suburban Atlanta. "I was ashamed of the person who instilled everything in me. I let the kids get the better half of me." The only difference with me is.... I didn't ever blame anyone for who I am.

My problem with Alveda King and other black Americans dealing with Harry Reid's blatant bigotry is accepting his so-called apology to Obama. Harry didn't apologize to anyone else and he made a deep and ancestral insult with "Negro dialect". Obama on the other hand, broke the greatest racial barrier that truly destroyed that imaginary "race card", yet by accepting Harry Reid's so-called apology, Obama sold out the black Americans. Especially, when he didn't call for his resignation.You see, Obama's real concern is not about ANY American individual, regardless of skin color. Obama has an agenda and an agenda is impersonal. Impersonal means WE, the people do NOT matter. WE, the people comprise this Nation. Obama is disconnected, and non-empathetic toward others, etc. We thought Clinton was like Teflon. Obama is like Teflon with an extra coating of non-stick spray. All you have to do is remain current with the political climate, connect the dots, and then you will see what all those dots spell out for us as a Nation. It becomes very obvious and rather frightening, yet infuriating if you truly love this country and all that upon which it was founded.

Kathy Pledger

Managing Editor & Co-founder

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