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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Saturday, 03 July 2010 13:40
This is the first year in my life I've stopped to ponder what "Independence" truly means to me. Mainly, because prior to this marxist, yet incompetent administration, I hadn't much of a reason to be concerned about OUR Nation. (I refuse to pay homage to the word marxist with a capital "m".) I was too busy enjoying my "Independence".

Let's go down a twisted path real quick... shall we.??? I'll try and make it interesting...

Karl Marx and his equally demented social outcast... 'man friend' in the 1800's, Friedrich Engels, were not well received and booted out on their keisters, bouncing from country to country with their mentally deranged 12,000 word manifesto. "Manifesto" has a seriously disturbing ring to it... kind of like the name, HUSSEIN... reverberates in my head with Barry and Saddam.

Manifestoes from my limited historical knowledge have only been used in describing someone like the 'uni-bomber'. Another social outcast for whatever reason. A seemingly "intelligent" man gone mad. Too much time alone with little to no social interaction twisting information to the destruction of others.

Back to Marx and Engels, both of these twisted minds died in the late 1800's. Right after Karl died, his man friend Engels tried to feed and expound upon Karl's written fecal matter, but to no avail. It wasn't until 1917 that another like minded nut job in Russia picked up on the concept in the political realm and ran with it. So, like a starving artist "marxism" didn't even catch on as a cult mentality until fruitcake Karl was dead and turning to dust.

Man's intelligence... BIG DEAL ~!!!!! If one has NO common sense to recognize the TRUTH... what GOOD is man's intelligence.?????

I'll tell you.... Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero... Kind of like what Barry HUSSEIN Obama has ACCOMPLISHED in his short lived tenure as OUR so-called "leader".

Lack of common sense just shows what a FOOL one is, and how far one will fall for some MERE mortal's finite, mentally deranged... fecal matter that has NO redeeming value and ONLY leads to selfish gain... OR.... to the DESTRUCTION of others.

That IS the antithesis of INDEPENDENCE. Everything WE the People have enjoyed freely is being STOLEN by Barry HUSSEIN Obama and some MERE mortal "ideas" that he took to the grave with him.

What a sick, round about way to go... to understand "Independence". Yet, in order to appreciate that which is GOOD... trust me... one must know deeply that which is BAD. Otherwise we'd be emotional "flat-liners".... emotionally dead. It's a painful experiential journey to learn, but anyone who's been there knows it develops a deep seeded passion and empathy toward others.

What's that saying...? You never know what you had until it's gone. (?)

The United States of America was once envied, had the greener grass that everyone wanted to graze upon, was the land of opportunity, was great, a stronghold... and by ONE man... OUR Nation is being dismantled before OUR eyes.

That's Independence to me.... in 2010.


Kathy Pledger

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder