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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Friday, 07 October 2011 18:16
There are some mighty THICK skulls out there. America, Democrat, Republicans, We the People, and the "know nothing, read nothing, hear nothing Americans"... NOT one of US can afford to become complacent, especially NOT NOW as OUR Nation is being handed goods and services, under the guise of FOOD STAMPS.

This ONCE great Nation under the LACKY... Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama, who has ANOTHER "agenda" so FEW seem to understand.... and the issues that sadly, rarely reach those who get, receive, or take... food stamps... (Which I understand may resemble a CREDIT CARD. Logically, the less humiliating, the greater the ease of becoming complacent or dependent upon what one "thinks" is the government providing, or the "RICH" paying ones way.) WRONG.

That is just SO wrong. (But, I've already said that... right.???) Right.

My bent in life is on exposing the TRUTH, educating others that don't have the time, and illuminating the uprise of DISCRIMINATION.

Market researchers display some nice stats. So I'm basically preaching to the choir, while the congregation is getting cell phones from food stamps while everyone else is "belly aching" over a couple of RINO's... namely Romney, who has his big head shoved up algore's 'globalwarmingclimatechange' anal sphincter.

IF you like Romney, try getting your head out of his anal sphincter, and breathing some real oxygen, read, and learn TRUTH. ('globalwarmingclimatechange' is called WEATHER, or WEATHER PATTERNS for the 90 gazillionth time.) And, yes I am educated. More importantly, I have this thing called "common sense and street smarts". I know different streets... It's priceless.

Now, watch these two white men and their shallow depths of arrogance on display... beginning here...

Romney is a RINO (Republican in Name Only...) a NO BRAINER, and I refuse to assume every single person knows all the acronyms. Perry is being asphyxiated by his own anal sphincter.

Next on the agenda... and YES, I learned political formality at a VERY young age.

Perry... I vetted him... (I researched Rick Perry's background.) I've been that and I'm DONE there. READ it.... (Newbies, please click on the colorful text...) Rick Perry SOLD OUT AMERICA~!!! First, to illegals with with virtually NO tuition, and then Perry handed OUR own TECHNOLOGY from one of the best universities in TX, from engineering to PETROLEUM. (Read it, please... I don't chew your food so you can swallow it, do I...???)

BOTH of these "political figure heads" ... ARE fecal matter fertilizing the soil here. I've done the research, and simplified the learning curve.

It's the voters, that have gotten OUR America into this mess... and it's by educating and informing voters that will take OUR America back.

Are you ready for ....


This I WILL repeat.... DO NOT, and I MEAN... DO NOT.... throw this RESPECTABLE BUSINESSMAN under that proverbial bus. I IMPLORE you with some serious backing... because he is a black man, and a REPUBLICAN or a GOP.... (as in Get Off the Pot, or take a crap, and Get Over Pressure as in PEER... grow up America).

Herman Cain has MORE in his pinky fingernail than most people have within themselves. What this man embodies is deeply genetic, and his family kept enduring their hardships. Families rarely stay together to know what a REAL hardship is ANYMORE, with a "deadbeat" reader of a port-O-prompter... IN-Chief, a goof off and pathological liar giving himself away, but who is astute enough to grasp all that and then some....???

Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama is a public SERVANT, and I did not give that man (who needs to be OUTSTED), permission to speak publicly, and include me as he "speaks for the American people". He has done nothing more than bring OUR Nation's very infrastructure to a grinding, and now violent halt. Can you say, "propaganda machine"?

I do my best to steer clear of that incompetent mentored lackey of a human being. All, that waste of human flesh could do was stammer over his words. It's a trait of a liar, and BHSO is a pathological liar. Is it not bad enough he speaks to the American public between "jaunts" on Air Force One at $181,000 an HOUR to speak like an absolute IMBECILE wherever he goes...??? Affirmative Action must have hoisted him along. If I didn't know this buffoon... I would think he hadn't spent one day in school let alone was "in the capacity he now holds".

Then I see, Mr. Thomas Sowell... another very brilliant man, who backs up my macro vision on the MASS MEDIA, from years gone by, and thus The Daily Pledge posts his column because of my position. I'm frustrated... and you think you're not heard...???

Mr. Herman Cain is MORE than a VIABLE contender. The LEFT, who "play" people don't want him because he knows "business, capitalism, politics, marketing, people... the #1 seller in America with food and MORE...." His photo speaks VOLUMES TO ME. I'm proud of his parents and how they taught him to overcome what could have been hindrances in his life. Herman Cain is a very focused man with an ability to defend his word, which makes him responsible, he knows the issues of OUR Nation, and knows when someone attempts to throw him a curve ball question to throw him off. He smiles, knowing the interviewer's shallow tactics and underhanded antics. Which in turn puts a smile on my face as I watch Mr. Cain listen to the "poor set up". Namely, Lawrence O'Donnell who clearly cannot maintain his composure. Yet he is employed by MSNBC.

I'm proud of Herman Cain for a multitude of reasons. Most of all his tenacity, unyielding to his convictions, and he says what he means, and means what he says. He is the American Dream for which all naturalized citizens hoped when they came to the United States of America. Herman Cain is why men served in OUR military and give their lives for OUR Freedom, NOT for bondage and this current corruption. The so-called "politicians" like Romney and Perry are CORRUPT like the MASS MEDIA... I've been ALL over that CORRUPTION and spin all the way to the Associated Press.

Herman Cain has no chip on his shoulder, nor does he flaunt his intellect. A man from humble means, and we know about his life... he's grateful, not hate filled. He's logical, and rational.

And YES... America... Herman Cain HAS CREATED JOBS. He's personally BOOSTED our economy as a TRUE citizen, and the NOW "discriminated minority"-- WHITE person -- LISTEN UP... Herman Cain is as an HONORABLE American. Just like my own mother from South Korea.

And YES... America... Herman Cain HAS worked DIRECTLY in OUR Political SYSTEM, in a couple of positions VERY, VERY few of US could EVER imagine holding.

Next, Foreign Policy.....

Please.... Look at Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro Obama selling out OUR Nation like a whore (and do not gasp or grab your heart, it's in the Bible).

Are ALL those that bring up the issue of Foreign Policy synonymously with Herman Cain's name REALLY that STUPID....??? If so, I'd say, "hush it up".... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand communicating with "foreigners" not even a "politician" (a note to the UNEDUCATED blibbering political idiots everywhere). Herman Cain is a rocket scientist, and then some.
If one hasn't a clue about LIFE... then wise up and learn from those that DO.

The Daily Pledge was established to discover the Truth.

Kathy Pledger
The PhotogPhenom
Editor & Co-founder