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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Saturday, 29 October 2011 09:49
Gilad Shalit was released as a prisoner, after 1,941 long days and nights or five and a half years. Gilad was a young Israeli IDF Staff Sargent when taken captive by a Hamas terrorist cell as Gilad was patrolling the Gaza strip along the Israel/Egypt boarder.

After seeing his photo for quite some time, his latest photos upon his release revealed a very thin pale young man. His release evoked some deep emotions from other families who endured the pain of losing their son, those who would have liked to have had the safe return of their son, and opinions from every direction.

The Shalit family must have had an unimaginable sense of relief to have Gilad back in their arms and home. BUT, the cost for his exchange was HIGH and dangerous. For the life of one soldier, Benjamin Netanyahu released over 1,000 prisoners.The exchange was a political move, but Bibi may have caused a much more severe problem as the people of Israel, whom he represents, would like to live their lives like any other human being.


And it, happened this past week. People were living their lives when a Grad rocket landed near Ashod. Sirens went off, and they couldn't believe it wasn't a drill. Some of these people weren't prepared for this bomb, and the door to their safe room was locked. We in American don't have to live with "safe rooms" to shield ourselves from bombs.

It was reported today, Israel's Air Force killed five (5) terrorist in the Islamic Jihadist cell on the Gaza Strip. One of those killed in the attack is a senior commander in the al-Quds Bridages, the Islamic Jihad's military wing.

Thus, the other major concern about Benjamin Netanyahu releasing the terrorists... Islamic Jihadist. A friend, in Israel told me this exchange is like giving oxygen to Israel's enemies. In America, we say.... it's like adding fuel to the fire. Letting hundreds of Palestinian mass murders go free to mass murder again, doesn't make a bit of sense... where is the logic or rationale.?

Look at them... How could anyone feel safe.? Or knowing one had to run to a safe room from a Grad rocket, hearing explosions, seeing destruction, devastation, and easily death.? Some people would like to live in peace. Just peace and quiet.

Politics.... run by mere mortals with finite minds. May God protect Israel.

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Kathy Pledger

The PhotogPhenom

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