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Written by Kathy Pledger   
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 23:17
The study of human behavior is like walking a tight rope. So is ones life, relationships, researching and writing about our corrupt political system in the USA, and around this great globe.

Life is a journey. For some of us it's a trip. Others.... well, they're just trippin'. There are far, far too many of the latter. I tend to repeat myself, because people live in denial with their seared minds or consciences. I get called a variety of dubious names, and by some of the closest people, (if you only knew) but it goes with the territory due to their lack of understanding. Nonetheless it hurts. Yet there is positive feedback. The message of mankind's abusive nature from relationships, to seemingly one man in government abusing a country as a dictator, is resonating within the minds of others. #winning #dailypledge... and NOT like flunky Charlie Sheen. #loser

People are just people, and we are all... people. Whoa.... the profundity~!!! (Total... sarcasm there.) People are inherently evil, too. Look within yourself, and with complete honesty. Take off your rose colored glasses while you're at it please.

Seeing life through self-righteousness (i.e. ones self is right), a false perception, or faulty thinking will distort, and warp your own mind... and life, and the lives of others.

Only, then.... look at others, without rose colored glasses, many are self-absorbed, and are more like dissimulators... NOT hypocrites who simply wear a mask when they walk out the door of their four walled "box" of a house. A hypocrite puts on a FALSE APPEARANCE of virtue and the individual's conduct contradicts their "feelings" more than anything. A dissimulator is MORE deceiving... a dissimulator lives a LIFE OF PRETEND... it's all IMAGINARY. Thus, more likely to PRETEND a LIFE in their mind when returning to their four walled "box" of a house.

Now, try studying that warped mess of deception for two years in depth like you've never studied in your life. It's like a constant drip of an intravenous flow of poisonous matter or toxins into your mind obtaining an advanced degree in mankind's evil nature.

Granted at some point it is a neurological defect as it effects the cerebrum. The cerebrum is where our intelligence and personality exists..... it's our brain, and exceedingly complex. There's a portion of our brain called the diencephalon. Within the region of the diencephalon is the hypothalmus, it regulates our heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, hunger, body weight, control of movements, sleep, wakefulness, etc. Another structure in the region of the diencephalon controls our emotional responses, it's called the limbic system.

The limbic system is where it has got to get too bizarre for mankind to comprehend. The limbic system controls emotions and expressions. Okay, maybe someone can measure this intangible expression (unfathomable to me, thus I struggled to get NO PhD). The testing measures... can be nothing short of absurd. Namely, the Rorschach test... INK BLOTS folded within a piece of paper. How many pieces of paper do these so-called "experts" show to unsuspecting, vulnerable people to make a SUBJECTIVE, JUDGEMENTAL call on their LIMBIC SYSTEM.???

Now, tell me.... what's the difference between the ink blots and blowing your nose in a tissue (I'd give a common "brand name", but they probably won't send me a life time supply)... From the "visual aspect", what's the difference between what one sees between an INK BLOT wasted between paper from TREES KILLED for a subjective guessing game, and a NECESSARY ridding of SNOT for health purposes in a tissue..??? NOTHING.... meaning, NOT a thing. As the sexually disoriented and infamous Sigmund Freud said himself, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Well, Kathy Pledger says, "Sometimes an inkblot is just an inkblot."

Moving forward, upward, and onward... as WE the People should.

Trusting mankind is strange and scary, yet like mindless zombies.... the uninformed parasites, witting users of others, those who are panicked and desperate... rather than clinging to an individual... and enjoying a 'style of life to look good', (a/k/a... copy cat dissimulators, or lives of constant pretend, worse than hypocrisy).... others choose to cling to the government for their 'false sense of security'.

What's the difference... parasitic relationship or parasitic government...??? One calls themselves "liberal" the other, "conservative", or "more libertarian". Semantics.... NONE of which do they understand, yet condemn those that do, because they deem themselves in their minds as elitist.

America, I present our PROBLEM. I've met it face to face. It's also known as "egocentric"... a/k/a... dissimulators.... PRETENDERS. Those that are beyond hypocrisy and live a life of imaginary, absurd exaggeration for others to "Awwww... and bow to their deeds of goodness and imaginary resplendence."

America.... Dissimulators are EVERYWHERE, and they will want to TAKE from you.

Speaking only for myself, I have a difficult time delving into the subject of mankind's evil nature on a continuous basis without being mentally unscathed. Perhaps, it's the vantage point from which I see politics and dictators... as mere mortals making decisions to the detriment, of the masses or individuals via abuse leading to oppression.

So, if I may leave you with one more aspect that offsets this horrid world of misrepresentation. Like others who write calling people... human beings who have been oppressed by a tyrannizer, SEEMINGLY one who seeks to crush, burden, abuse by power or authority... to burden SPIRITUALLY or mentally or WEIGH heavily upon.... a ruthless dictator.

This is all very dejecting... nobody CARES anymore and it weighs down the ones that DO care.... What I'm witnessing, is so many want to be catapulted into the status of an ignominious, opprobrious, or notorious land of imaginary illusions of grandeur.

By the Grace of God, I've been fortunate to have met up with my co-founder.  Without him, I would not have experienced the opposite of all the venomous toxins I just mentioned in such horrid detail. I've had the privilege to express my 1st Amendment of Freedom of Speech. With him, as a mentor in photography I've honed my God given gift in seeing the beauty of His creation.

May you also enjoy the beauty of OUR USA. To counter the evils of despots whether they be friends, mates, spouses, bosses, wanna be dictators such as Barry HUSSEIN Obama, Libya's liar of an abusive and violent dictator that is now murdering the citizens of Libya.... and strangely these human beings.... people are referred to as "rebels". Oppressed people who want their freedom, and who would also like to see the beauty of a real tulip with rain drops, in cold weather.... rather than bombs exploding.

May the Citizens of Libya find the more peaceful style of life.... in reality, unlike the dissimulators that play some funky mind games of "face time with the public" in the USA to various capacities. And, may they truly appreciate it with all their hearts. They are people NOT rebels.

TOO many Americans are ungrateful as they have more than what another man such as Muammar Gaddafi deems "enough" to eat, and can enjoy useless, wasteful pleasures in life, minus........... the SATISFACTION.

IF ONLY, and I mean this with ALL sincerity. Possible or not.... IF ONLY, the Middle East could find the peace for which they all long.

With ALL my heart, and sincerity,

Kathy Pledger,

The PhotogPhenom

Managing Director/Editor & Co-founder